Mini Winter Wonderland

Twenty years ago, when I left Paris for California, my colleagues made fun of me.

“You’ll end up bored after so much pool and beach,” they said.

It is true that for most French people California is sun, sun, sun.

But California is also the third largest American state and its geographic and climatic diversity is quite extraordinary.

On Sunday, I made my usual walk with my hiking buddy and we did our six miles in shorts and tank tops. The sun was a warm caress on the skin, and daffodils were halfway out. Bees buzzed in the blooming rosemary bushes. Grass had turned green everywhere, and only small patches of snow topped the highest Sierra summits.

But this afternoon, as I was driving home after picking up my son at school, it started raining. As we reached 2 000 feet in altitude, temperature dropped to 32F and rain switched to snow. In a few minutes the yard around our home was transformed in a mini winter wonderland. The daffodils tucked their small, cold heads in image(2)image(3)and the rosemary turned into a Christmas tree.

Tomorrow the weather forecast announces sun on the Eastern Sierra, so I am savoring one of the last winter moments of the season, and if you are free tonight, I invite you to share the beauty with me.

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