One Billion Rising on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is, among all American celebrations, one of the weirdest for a French native.

Almost snubbed by the French for the longest time, it is true that now, in a globalized economy, the French also buy chocolates, perfumes and small gifts to the special person in their life.

I never celebrated and must have already written it before, but my husband told me upfront when we met that he wouldn’t celebrate love on a certain day, adding that it was anyway Valentine’s Day every day with me.

These French men!!!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day again and this year my mind is set on a more serious issue.

I’m not a huge fan of many causes. But once in a while one catches my eye. Often it is linked to a literary event. You know, like NanoWrimo, Dr. Seuss’s Day, Read Across America, World Book Night…

There is even International Book Giving Dayonebillion on Valentine’s Day.

But this is not what I will celebrate tomorrow.

I will join One Billion Rising.

7 billion people live on our planet.

Half are women.

1/3 of them are raped or beaten.

In the true spirit of what love should be, let’s pause together on February 14.

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