Welcome Home

vwrThe only reason I tolerate the elliptical machine and the stationary bike at the gym is that they allow me to catch the morning news.

The only problem is that I never liked plugging earphones – I don’t even like earrings.  So unlike the men and women who pedal next to me, I can’t listen to the news.

But I can read, thanks to the closed captioning.

Closed captioning is great, but sometimes can be odd  since it works based on voice recognition, so sometimes words take surprising spelling. “Dip low matic” for “diplomatic” and “nos” for “knows”, for example.

Welcome Home, one my fiction stories, aired last night on Valley Public Radio, here in California. Without closed captioning, of course.

I would love once to read my story based on voice recognition. I think it would be a wonderful tool for a non-native speaker to greatly improve her talents.

So here is from me to you Welcome Home.

Read by me.

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