Isn’t it Weird?

When I was a little girl I needed to look forward to something exciting to pull me out of bed.

It was always, of course, the perspective of a pleasant moment.

In no specific order of preference it has been:

Reading Baudelaire in French class

Catching a glimpse of the boy I had a crush on

Writing a poem

Having lunch – yes even with cafeteria food – with my friends

Biking alone after school

Writing in my journal

Listening to my History teacher telling us about the many, many kings of France- fascinating characters

Waving to the boy I had a crush on

Writing a story for my sister – she hated reading

Climbing a tree with my friends after school

Saying bonjour to the boy I had a crush on

Writing a story for my town newspaper – even if they didn’t always picked my story

Is it weird if now when I wake up I look forward to spending time with people I invented from nothing?

Isn’t it even weirder if today I woke up, knowing it was Saturday and I had no school driving to do, no laundry to do – I did it on the day the people I invented from nothing acted as if they wanted nothing from me – and what I was really, really looking forward to was to delete a whole chapter from a manuscript I thought, until I woke up,  pretty much revised?

Tell me.

P.S. I still look forward to all of the above, minus school and the boy I had a crush on since I found a man I love.





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