Strike. Dance. Rise.

2012 has been a significant year for women.

More women than ever are now in the US Congress.

The French government is now formed with as many women as men.

A woman has been elected president in South Korea.

More empowered women in real life pushed writers, film directors and actresses to create stronger female characters.

2012 has been a significant year for women.

Or so we thought.

Fourteen-year-old Pakistani Malala shot and severely injured for wanted to attend school.

Dozens of Afghan girls beaten for the same reason.

In our so-called developed countries countless women also beaten, sexually abused and raped just for being women.

The death today of a twenty-three-year old Indian woman gang-raped is ending the year in a very tragic and unacceptable way for women.

Anger, outrage and profound desire for change are necessary to end violence against women.

I don’t know for you, but I’ve always felt isolated and powerless facing such a daunting task.

As always in life, numbers act as a wake-up call.

One woman out of three will be assaulted, beaten, or raped in her lifetime.

Yes, you read it correctly. One out of three.

It only means that we can only know one, right? Yes, even if she hasn’t told you, you can only know one.

Last year my seventeen-year-old daughter and I went to the play The Vagina Monologues.

I had seen the play in Paris many years ago, way before I got children, and it was even more meaningful to listen to the monologues and watch the performers with a teenager than it had been when I went, young and alone.

At the end of the play, one of the organizers told us about One Billion Rising.

A worldwide day of strike, dance and rise to protest the unacceptable violence against half of the population of our planet sounded like a cool and yet very powerful goal.

As always in life, it is easier to do something when we aren’t alone.

Imagine! One Billion women, up and dancing! Because of course, women, source of life and so resilient, can only chose to dance to say ENOUGH.

Last year, after the play, I could only be certain that on February 14, 2013 I would be part of One Billion Rising. But it was last year. I also realized that it would be on Valentine’s Day. Not that it would be an obstacle. Au contraire. I never found the idea to celebrate love on a specific day very meaningful. My husband says that for him Valentine’s Day is every day but on February 14. Don’t you like that?

When today I read about the young Indian woman, sadness, anger, but also desire to act filled me and I remembered of One Billion Rising. And I decided to join the movement. And you know what? I think it is great that of all dates the organizers picked February 14.

The One Billion Rising website is full of tips, of big names and small names of people who care and get involved. There is even a map and directions for how to find a local event.

And maybe, if like me, you live a little bit too far to a major event, you will be alone on One Billion Rising Day.

But it shouldn’t stop us to dance, right?

We will dance in our gardens or parks, on our decks or small balconies, in our dens or kitchens, even on our sofas or beds.

No matter where, no matter how.

We will Strike. We will Dance. We will Rise.

For One Woman out of Three.


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