End Gun Violence

In the midst of the holiday season, all of America is pausing, brokenhearted by unspeakable acts of violence.

When President Obama addressed the nation on Friday, his emotion was palpable and we saw him as a father before a president. He wept with us. His pain, sincere and moving, made him one of us.

Yesterday our President visited the victims’ families in Newtown and later spoke in the High School’s gymnasium. Although obviously saddened, his voice was firm and his eyes dry. In the second part of his speech, he approached the real reason why this horrific event happened. Our nation’s passionate relationship with weapons has killed so many innocent people over the last four years that we can’t continue to ignore it.

It is time for change. Not for another governmental commission that will endlessly discuss the pros and cons of gun control.

There are no pros.

It is time to do everything we can to forbid civilians to purchase guns and weapons so destructive that they should never be available to them.

Visit the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. You can send your condoleances to the victims’ families and sign the petition We Are Better Than This.

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