A Day Off

Is it okay to feel a little lousy when NanoWriMo only started nine days ago?

According to writers who don’t do this writing marathon, it is normal. Jan Fields is the web editor at the InstituteChildrenLit.com, the e-news for the Institute of Children’s Literature. I find Jan’s article Beware Of Burn Out a good piece of advice. Regardless of the circumstances, taking a break can be all we need to rekindle our desire.

Although I’m fortunate to live far from the devastating consequences of the Sandy storm, which forced Jan to slow down her writing routine, today is a rainy day here in Northern California, and I decided to take a day off from NaNoWriMo.

I’m having friends over for dinner tonight and I figured that cooking and baking are also good ways to express my creativity.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll write again, inspired and energized, I’m sure, by good food and conversation.

Taking a break is not the same as being lazy!


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