From a NaNoWriMo Writer

Happy Election Day!

Want a break from the grueling campaign and the probably long decision night?

If you are a writer taking advantage of NaNoWriMo to get a 40 000/50 000 words manuscript by November 30, the task can be daunting.

Besides NaNoWriMo website, full of tips and kind words of encouragement, here is an additional link from Writers Digest. The editors always do a great job at providing valuable information for writers. The daily tips for the NaNoWriMo marathon are just the right kick to keep going.

My husband says NaNoWriMo is sadistic and that I am masochist. Who decided that a writer has to write 2000 words a day anyway? I agree on all three points. But sometimes a deadline is all we need to get a draft. And it always starts with a first draft.

Happy Writing!

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