Trapped in Paris at Petunia’s Place

I came to this country with little knowledge of English and even less of the American culture. I quickly found out that I had perhaps arrived in the land of opportunity but more over in the land of do-it-yourself. It doesn’t come without risk to live without safety nets, the way I used to live in France.

Mistakes happen.

The biggest, in my humble opinion, is to be afraid to try.

Since I have indeed landed in the do-it-yourself territory, I am now embracing the rocky and yet exciting journey of introducing my novel Trapped in Paris to my readers.

It is a daunting task! When I talk with my published friends, they share the same words: “I preferred writing the story than marketing it!”

Most of the writers I’ve met would rather trade a day of promoting for a day of writing.

It would be, however, useless to pretend that writing alone is enough. So, armed with hope and determination, I have started the post publication journey.

And I am happy to announce that Trapped in Paris is now available at Petunia’s Place, my local independent children and young adult’s bookstore.

A book signing is planned in the month of November. It will be a joint event for four local children’s writers.

More to be announced soon!

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