American Favorites for New and Old Comers

Years ago, I was proud to be able to introduce Paris to one of my best American friends. She and her husband still talk of the Paris-by-night car drive my husband and I offered them.
It is only normal, I think, to show your hometown and your native country to a foreigner. Besides, there is some natural pride to show off your knowledge and fluency in a place you love.
I must admit that I’m not able anymore to keep up with the new cafés and restaurants, which open in Paris while I’m gone, neither with the new idioms that update the French language.
However, I am now able to show California – at least some parts of it – to foreign visitors.
This Labor Day weekend my family hosted a young Parisian girl, daughter of an old friend from the university. She will be studying in California for a year.
Through her eyes, I relived my first months in the US where everything was new and exciting. Even equipped with an iPhone and a MacAir, and able to text, take pictures, e-mail and Google anything at anytime, her discoveries weren’t any different from mine.
She loved cinnamon as much as I did – we don’t use it as much in France.
She wondered what ‘We Finance’ meant when we drove past a used car lot. I had tons of questions related to money when I moved here. American money stuff still puzzles me sometimes.
She asked where she could find plain yogurt – take note Americans, yogurts here are too sweet for French palates.
Diners are among her favorite places to eat.  Men : diners are exotic for a French woman.
Cinnamon rolls are her new croissants. Although she already noticed how sugary they are and that she should keep them as a weekly treat. Remember : French women don’t get fat for a reason.
She found strange the constant ‘Hi, how are you ?’ but already liked them. Please, never stop saying ‘Hi, how are you ?’ We miss them so much when we are abroad.
She liked anything western look. Yeah, cowboy boots and hats are sexy for French women. When real cowboys wear them.
She loved the ice creams flavors unvailable in France. Paris can have Berthillon and its sorbets, but where else but in the US can you find Butter Pecan, Blueberry Crumble and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream ? Very sweet for the French, but a small scoop satisfies us.
She was astonished by the vast land. Yes, space is very American and French are in awe of it. I miss our beautiful land after weeks in Paris. 
Through her eyes, I fell in love again with all that and so much more.
In three days, I realized that I could now talk of California as well as I spoke of Paris to my American friend.
And also that I was showing off my America to a French as much as I showed off my France to an American. 

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