Colorado on my Mind

Colorado is on my mind since the horrific shooting of last Friday.
It is not the first time that a disturbed man shoots innocent people in the US.
A movie theater yet is a first.
Somehow, reading and listening to people’s comments, this highly unsettling event seems even more terrifying than a school shooting.
No doubt because going to the movie is a decision associated with fun and relaxing time where only good things can happen, while a business or a school building are filled with challenges.
I cannot imagine what the family and friends’ victims are going through, neither can I imagine what the shooter’s family’s is going through.
Two questions on my mind:
Isn’t it alarming to realize that a man has been able to purchase so many ammunitions without a blinking eye while our banks call us as soon as we make an unusual purchase or start using our credit cards abroad?
It is obvious that James Holmes is mentally instable and dangerous. The question now is not if we should or not stop selling guns – although I believe we should have a serious national debate on the issue –  but how we should care for our mentally ill fellow Americans before they get their hands on weapons and shoot randomly on our streets, in our schools and movie theaters. 

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