Of Presidents and Strikes

“It’s like for you,” my mother-in-law tells me after dessert.
“You” is not really “Me”, but the USA.
“After a socialist president, you will maybe get a conservative one,” she says as a way of explanation.
Oh!I think, realizing that she’s talking about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
“Us,” she goes on. “We got a socialist after a conservative.”
“You know,” I venture. “Obama is more on the right than Sarkozy was.’
What I don’t tell my mother-in-law is that for many Americans who disapprove of Mr. Obama, he is indeed a socialist, and of course the new French president is a communist.
“But,” my mother-in-law adds.” People are already disappointed. Hollande has promised the moon, and of course he can’t fulfill all of his promises. We will probably have strikes a la rentrée.”
La rentrée is back to school and also back to work for many French including the politicians. Perfect timing for a good old French strike.
“By the way,” my mother-in-law says, making coffee. “Have you heard that Air France has planned to be on strike starting early July when everybody is ready for their vacation?”
Please, I beg in silence to whoever is listening to our conversation, make the big shots at Air France cancel the strike or postpone it to the rentrée. I want to go home! 

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