The Big Texan

Old Town Albuquerque was sleepy this morning when we left town just before nine. But the shops, restaurants, cafes and boutiques set around the historic San Felipe church invited for browsing and lazy breakfast.
Highway 40 East to Oklahoma City cuts through the upper part of Texas, and Amarillo is a perfect midway lunch break.

Where else to eat but the Big Texan Steakhouse when you’ve been on the road for more than four hours?



The ambiance is always warm and casual. And the food? You know that they say about Texas size? So after sharing an appetizer of skins and feasting on quesadillas and steak, one dessert for three sounded right. 
A man came in, as my husband, my son and I shared one strawberry shortcake. It seemed a frugal treat compared to the 72 ounces steak and side dishes the man planned to eat in less than an hour, willing to add his name to the list of eaters who have successfully accomplished the daunting exploit.
You eat the whole thing and it’s on the house. 
We finished our dessert and when we left, I glanced at the plate set near the young, beefy man. The amount of meat stacked on the plate could have fed a high school football team. He had only eaten his salad and baked potato. In less than five minutes, though. All hopes were permitted. 
Should I say only in America? Or, as the guitar player who serenaded us with Yellow Roses of Texas said, only in Texas? 
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