Las Vegas

Las Vegas.

The impossible oasis in the heart of the most arid terrain in the American West.

Sin City.

The last urban stop before entering the Mormon state of Utah where cranberry juice will replace the colorful cocktails served in bottles shaped in Eiffel Towers.

Gambling capital of the world.

Men and women of all ages, of all ethnic and national origins, and of all means sit next to each other playing craps, poker or blackjack. For the time of a game, sharing the common hope to win.

The dream of leaving Vegas, rich, a different person. The American dream pushed to its limits.

I hate and love Las Vegas. Too Californian to snob the glimmer and the hideous beauty of the buildings and people, all larger than life, I’m still too French to fully embrace the excess; and I observe with awe and constant shock a city that remains in so many outrageous ways the extraordinary capital of the world.


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