Summer Reading

I successfully entertained my sixteen-year-old son, dragging him almost forcefully on this Clouds Rest hike two days ago. Despite a few nasty mosquito bites and sore calves, he loved it. Okay, he loved the marmot at the top the most. I must say that it was adorable; I had never seen one so daring and so eager to observe us eating our lunch.
Now that we are back on the valley floor and that summer has officially started, my son will be busy playing music for a month in a summer camp he has attended for the last two years. By August 6, he also has to read three books for his AP English class. The books are part of a mandatory 48 books program (distributed over the four years of high school) at his charter school. I need to be creative if I want my boy to read them. Not that he doesn’t like to read; he is in fact a good reader. But on his own terms and with his own picks.
My idea is to read the books with him while we drive cross-country later this month, and hopefully keep the conversation open.
The good news is that I love one of the books. Old School by Tobias Wolf is one of the books that stayed with me long after I read it and that I actually remember well enough to talk about it with my son. It is a wonderful story for boys.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic that I read in French when I was in school. I don’t have any excuses for not reading Mark Twain in English.
The Alchemy of Air by Thomas Hager is not the kind of book I would pick on my own. Like my son, I have my favorites. Either I love the author’s work, or the genre, the title, the cover, the back cover, the buzz about a recently published book. But because The Alchemy of Air is on the list, I will read it.
The second good news is that other parents seem to share the challenge I am facing this summer. 

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