Sarko or Hollande?

One day before the French elect their new President.
Since I moved to the US, I have never really paid attention to the elections in my native country. This year, however, is more important.
France is battling high unemployment, divided around the delicate issue of immigration, and determined to weigh within the European community.
Sarkozy, the right centrist and incumbent candidate, or Sarko as most French call him, had five years to do the job.
Hollande, the socialist candidate, benefits from Sarkozy’s mistakes but has none of the charisma Mitterrand had in 1981 when a majority of French elected him enthusiastically as the new socialist president.
In the end, like the French re-elected Chirac to avoid Le Pen in 2002, will this election be a deliberate choice in favor of Hollande or a vote against Sarkozy?
Sarko or Hollande?
Rendez-vous demain!

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