When les Français Have Meetings

I hoped that, thanks to the Dish Network, watching the French news would allow me to keep up with my French. After all, American TV helped me – true, not as much as I hoped – to improve my English. 
But to my dismay, my French fellows, although forever critical of the Americans and the Brits, can’t stop replacing good old French words with English. 
I know that Americans love to use French words when it comes to give a name to a clothes boutique or a restaurant. Anything related to pleasure sounds better in French.
The French, on the other hand, have adopted English when they mean business.
Now the presidential candidates have meetings to discuss job unemployment.  That was on the news.
And the lobbyism is not anymore an American characteristic either.
The French got mail and are as concerned as we are about cyber attacks.
To their credit, they tried to say la toile, short for toile d’araignée or spider web, instead of the web. But somehow the web took over.
In anticipation to my trip to France this summer, I watch the news everyday and, believe it or not, it was easier to pass for a French woman when the French spoke French. 

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