What Acceptance to College Means for Immigrant Parents

Parents cherish the hope that their children will live happy fulfilling lives and that they will do better than them.

If it sounds cliché, this hope is even more important for immigrant parents.

Our children’s achievements are the proof of a successful assimilation in the adoptive country.

Since early March, alongside thousands of other kids across the country and abroad, my seventeen-year-old daughter is waiting for college acceptance decisions.

She and her father take turns checking online the status of her applications, even waking up in the middle of the night since some colleges post their decisions at 2:30 a.m. Don’t ask me why!

As it has been for her sister three years ago, acceptance to an American College marks an emotional step in the journey my husband and I travel since we left France.

This month, as my daughter gets excited about her future, I realize with an equal mix of joy and nostalgia that she is ready for take off.

She is my 100% American child, conceived and born in the USA, and I cannot help but be proud.

Her success is my victory too.


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