Going Out of Traditional Print

244 years after the Encyclopedia Britannica was published for the first time, it will only be available online.
In a definite sign of time, Wikipedia has already updated the information.

As a kid, I used Tout l’Univers, a much cheaper encyclopedia. When libraries and bookstores were the only available sources to research a topic for a school project, having Tout l’Univers at home was a luxury.  
Curious about the status of the French encyclopedia of my childhood, I checked it out.
The publisher Hachette offers the content online through subscriptions, so, to access the website, you need to register with a password.
In the 70s, my mother saw my immediate interest when the saleswoman showed us the volumes covered in a dark red colored material, imitating the luxurious and serious aspect of leather, and she signed a contract.
Years later, she admitted that she had worried for the impact of the cost on the family budget and had spent an afternoon calculating how she would manage to pay the monthly installments.  
Now, one volume from the original series can be found online for less than one euro.  
Such news makes me feel very old!

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