French and American Presidential Election

Fascinating times to be French and American! A presidential campaign in each country in the same year doesn’t happen all the time.
As most of France wants to get rid of President Nicolas Sarkozy, called Nicolas Le Pen in the Wall Street Journal for his conservative views on immigration, and is ready to give a chance to socialist candidate François Hollande, a solid part of the American population considers trading President Barack Obama, elected for his message of hope and change, for a Republican, perhaps even a very conservative one.
Interesting to note that France has not elected a socialist President since François Mitterrand (1981-1995) in comparison to the USA who reelected Democrat Bill Clinton for a second term in 1996.
Interesting also to imagine a French socialist and an American conservative meeting.
At least, the French know everything about the American presidential candidates. Reading the French news online, or watching TV, you would think the French can even vote for one of them! 
A few articles about the politics in France pop up, here and there, in the American media. The majority are related to immigration and assimilation issues. But who knows about François Hollande?
Cannot wait for April and November!
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