Monsieur Moebius

Moebius or Jean Giraud, a comics legend is dead.
Moebius was one of my favorites because of the science fiction worlds he created with l’Incal and Arzak. 
I must sadly admit that I quit reading bandes dessinées and Moebius years ago, when I moved to the US. 
The American culture, although very visual and graphic, doesn’t embrace the comics as much as the French culture does. It remains a more marginal world that doesn’t have the recognition it has in France, Europe and Japan.
Almost all Americans kids I know through my own kids, although avid readers and intellectually curious, have rarely read comics. For them, it evokes the weekly cartoon in the Sunday paper. 
My son is an exception since he taught himself how to read in French with Tintin, Tanguy et Laverdure and Asterix. It is today time to introduce him to the magical worlds and skills of Moebius. 
Today, France, but also the rest of the world, has lost le grand monsieur de la bande dessinée.

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