Vive le Cinéma!

French cinéma has never been so honored in Hollywood than last night, wrote the daily paper Le Monde.

The Artist won five Oscars from Best Movie to Best Actor and everything in between.
It is interesting to note that the movie, although made in France, with a low budget compared to most American movies, is homage to the American cinéma.
This morning, a reader’s comment in Le Monde made me smile: “The USA like French cinéma when the title is in English and nobody speaks French.”
An American reporter apologized for mispronouncing the French word félicitations, congratulations, in English when she spoke to Jean Dujardin.
Don’t worry, the French actor didn’t say, “Putain, génial, merci,” in English.
It always makes me feel good when my two favorite countries share their culture and language.
Vive le cinéma!
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