Change and Hope for All

Mr. Obama picked the wrong day to arrive in California. Wednesday would have been better than Thursday. He would have spent the morning listening to Scott D. Sampson talk of the future of our planet.

There is no time left to save our planet, said the passionate dinosaur-paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and educator, the only option is to educate our children, make sure we help them to reconnect with the extraordinary planet that is our home, and to change radically the way we live now.
Tickets for the event were $25. The optional lunch in the company of the speaker was also $25. More affordable than a $35.000 fund-raising dinner.
Okay, the lecture was in Fresno and not in San Francisco. Also the lunch didn’t offer Chinese delicacies such as shark fin soup.
George Bush never set foot in San Francisco, afraid to trigger protests. Mr. Obama doesn’t have the same issue. But here, in Central California, home of three National Parks, and of more than a million people with all ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds, we would appreciate a little bit of attention too.
Even fervent Democrats and generous donors are critical of the little attention Mr. Obama pays to not only environmental issues but also poorer voters. Ms. Buell, a San Francisco resident and a top Democrat donor has said that she often wishes that voters without big checkbooks could get the same attention wealthy donors receive.
There is little time left Mr. President for bringing the change and hope that you promised to all Americans.
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