I’d Rather Be a Musician

If I didn’t write, I would be a musician. I wished I could also be an artist, but I gave up a long time ago when the only thing I drew, that ever brought me compliments in art class at school, were my whimsical sea horses.
So definitely, if I didn’t have words to express my emotions, I would be a musician because music is what feelings sound like.
Once in a while, when I listen to a moving music piece or watch a talented musician play, I am convinced that sounds do indeed convey emotion much better than words do.
Today, my son, who unlike me, can play music on the piano and all kind of percussion instruments, made me watch and listen to a great musical performance.
I can’t resist posting this Youtube video because Steven Sharp Nelson and the PianoGuys exemplify the reason why when I struggle to express an emotion with words, I wish I could be a musician instead of a writer. 

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