Happy New Year!

Only three hours left before a new year opens up with its load of promises.  As my family is preparing for our favorite New Year’s Eve dinner: a fondue that we have adapted over the years to fit our different appetites (red meat, shrimps and fish cooked in a vegetable broth, accompanied by boiled red and white small potatoes, mixed greens, and all sorts of condiments), I take a few minutes to reflect on 2011 and admit being glad to say hello to 2012.
In the US, 2011 has been filled with natural disasters from floods to fires, a surge in unemployment leading to more foreclosed homes, the failure of Occupy Wall Street protests that, although fueled by legitimate anger, lacked focus and drive, and of course the loss of Steve Jobs, a man who shaped our modern lives.
Abroad, a tsunami took Japan by surprise and changed the fate of the nuclear energy, the Arab Spring led to the death of several rulers, the execution of Bin Laden brought closure to September 11, and the financial crisis in Europe is redefining the European Union.
In my modest home, a ski accident led to two knee surgeries, the brutal cancer of our gentle Lab forced us to put her to sleep just before Christmas.
As 2012 looms closer, I realize that often, like most humans I tend to remember the bad events, personal or not, that happened over twelve months.
Not unlike the characters in Midnight in Paris who thought that another era or another place would make their lives better, I think that my last year resolutions, that were of course unrealistic, will really happen this year. I think that another year will be better.
That’s what I think every year.
If only for three hours before midnight.
Happy New Year!

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