Too Big To Fail

San Joaquin Valley Town Hall is one of the very few intellectual venues in Fresno and this is why I have rarely missed any of the six annual lectures offered at the Saroyan Theater.
Yesterday a packed auditorium welcomed Andrew Ross Sorkin.  The New York Times columnist is also the author of the best seller Too Big To Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System and Themselves and the co-producer of the HBO movie based on his book, among several other prestigious achievements.
His appearance was timely since the 2008 financial crisis is still deeply affecting our country.
Sorkin as a journalist was clear and informative.  He didn’t waste time talking about him as most speakers do but went right to the topic of his talk.  I liked that he didn’t stand behind the podium but instead paced the stage and spoke with enthusiasm, clearly mastering and enjoying his topic.
In addition, I had no issue at understanding his remarks and jokes. Great and encouraging for the non-native speaker I am! Even better when I heard many in the audience complaining about Sorkin’s fast elocution!
If I had known that before the end of the lecture I would have asked a question for once.
Fortunately many attendees had good questions and Sorkin answered them all, leaving actually more time for QA than most speakers do.
I bought his book for my husband who, although not a journalist for the New York Times, is my favorite economist in the world.  No financial problem is too big for him and he never fails at explaining them to me in a few words.  
In fast French of course.

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