Madame versus Miss

I’ve noticed recently that I’m called more often miss instead of madam when I shop, go to the hair salon or order my coffee.  It would be a lie to say that each time it happens I don’t feel a little younger. 
But while the rule in the US is to call women miss, oral form of ms. especially in business context, and not madam regardless of their marital status, French feminists argue in the opposite direction.
Two French feminist associations are currently campaigning against the usage of Mademoiselle or Miss in English, traditionally used in official paperwork.
They encourage French women to check Madame each time they have to fill out administrative documents and boycott Mademoiselle even if they are single. They argue that it is sexist to require from women the use of Mademoiselle when men remain Monsieur, married or not, for their entire lives. 
I see the point and even respect it but no offense, I kind of like miss that erases years of my life to madam that has the exact opposite effect.
Mademoiselle, madame, miss, ms. madam, futile details of course to the married or unmarried women still oppressed in too many parts of the world. 

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