Thank you, Mr. Jobs

CEOs come and go and their departures don’t change the path of earth.
So why was I sad when my husband told me yesterday that Steve Jobs was resigning from his position of CEO at Apple?
Of all people in my family, I’m the least techie and everyone makes fun of me when I try my hand at new technology tools.  I only own a MacBook Air while my husband and kids collect Apple computers, Ipods, Iphones and Ipads like people collected stamps in the old days.
A visionary, an entrepreneur, a genius: many words have been used to describe the man who offered the magic of Apple to the entire world.
From the bulky computer of the 80s that sat on my husband’s desk in Paris to the sleek Ipad 2 that I offered him for his birthday a few days ago, Mr. Jobs is the man who changed the way we work and interact with each other.
And to people like me, he offered the best user-friendly computers ever designed.
Now that he is leaving to others the task of leading the company he dreamed and created decades ago, we are loosing more than a CEO. 
Thank you, Mr. Jobs and the very best to you. 
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