The French Should Know

The French should know that, here in the United States, only the financial world knows about the International Monetary Fund and that ordinary Americans have no idea who in the world DSK is.
When I read the French papers, it is as if everyone in France was wearing a scarlet letter since Saturday night. Nobody can get over the outrageous way the esteemed DSK is treated in the United States.
Things are moving slowly but eventually we will know what happened on Saturday afternoon in New York City between DSK and the hotel housekeeper.
Meanwhile, it would be great for the French people to hold their horses and have the decency to respect the way justice is done in a foreign country.
Nobody says it is perfect but this not for the French to judge the American police and justice systems.
The articles written by almost every French journalist are filled with conspiracy theories and anti Americanism feelings.
On the other hand, the American newspapers have exposed the facts and only the facts. They are also providing some minimum background information about DSK so the ordinary American can understand who this man is.
But I haven’t read any anti French comment.
Not a single one.

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