International Labor Day

French king Charles IX received once, on the 1st of May, a sprig of lily of the valley as a lucky charm. It started a tradition thorough the country of France. Much later in the early 20th century, the flower became the symbol of la fête du travail or Labor Day in English.
This year, few French workers celebrated the International Labor Day. Is it only because it is Sunday and French people love their weekend or is it illustrating a social malaise since the rest of the world hasn’t been more engaged?
At home, we are celebrating our own version of the International Labor Day.
My kids are doing their homework. My husband is mowing six acres of wild land that need to be cleaned up before California fire season starts.
And I am starting my first picture book manuscript of the week since I am doing Picture Book Week, an alternative version of NanoWrimo.
Good luck to each of us!
After all, lily of the valley was meant to be a good luck flower.

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