Real Men don’t Buy Girls

A few years ago I read Sold, an exceptional book from Patricia McCormick, an author I admire. I read Cut and Purple Heart, also excellent books, but Sold stayed with me for a long time.
Written on the subject of sex slavery, I don’t think a single woman can remain the same after reading this book.
Although I was horrified to think of girls younger than my own daughters sold to adult men, I didn’t do anything to voice my anger and dejection.
But yesterday night, I watched Piers Morgan on CNN. His guests were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.
I was intrigued to learn about their work against sex slavery, since I had no idea they were involved in a cause that receives so little attention and money compared to other causes. The reason I didn’t know is because they have worked behind the scene for three years before launching their recent campaign: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls. I think it shows real commitment from a couple that could just be iconic.
Check the work of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at
Also of real interest and very inspiring is Polaris Project For a World without Slavery
Of course, Nicholas Kristoff and his regular thought-provoking columns in the New York Times started it all.
I am ashamed to have remained silent since I read Sold. I had no excuse. None.
So today I am finally taking action and checking the possibilities offered in my state of California to help stop the misery of girls and women sold and bought by men.

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