I Am an American

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine told me I should submit one of my stories to KVPR, Valley Public Radio. This is how I discovered Valley Writers Read, a program opened to every writer living in the vast Central California Valley. I entered with a fiction piece called Journey Home and was accepted. It was a cool experience to go to the studio and record parts of my story.
Last year, I submitted a nonfiction piece, based on a collection of true stories related to my immigration experience from France to the USA that I wrote for my family.
My work was accepted again and I Am an American will air tonight at 7:00 p.m.
I find interesting that the day my story airs, my native country is making the headlines with its military involvement in Lybia. I am following the news with interest, as if I needed to be reminded that my heart will probably forever beat for the two countries I love.
My writing group is meeting today for critique and we will share dinner while listening to my story.
This is when I realize how writing is so unique. A job that requires a lot of time alone, sitting in front of a computer or a piece of paper. But a job, that unlike so many, is never solitary. Tonight, as we gather around food (we all like to cook and eat, so I know it will be yummy!), we will celebrate our common passion for words and we will forget, for the time of a story, how hard it is to write and how even harder it is to get our work out.
Small successes keep writers going and the seven of us never miss to celebrate each story that makes it to publication.
Tune it tonight to 89.3 FM if you live in the Valley. If you miss it, click on the following link and check the archives.

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