J’ai Craqué

A week after sending my PC to the computer cemetery for a sleek Mac Book Air, when I had planned to do so only if I sold a manuscript, I have now set up a Facebook page although I had said I would never have one.
What’s wrong with me?
J’ai craqué or in English I have succumbed.
Since I tore two ligaments in a stupid ski fall, I must admit that I have done a few unusual things.

I have had breakfast in bed for three weeks in a row. Obviously it wasn’t Mother’s Day for that long but it didn’t bother me at all.
I have not cleaned my house since January 4th. Don’t worry others (husband and kids make a terrific cleaning team) have done it for me.
I have dressed in athletic gear almost every day although I don’t go to the gym. Hint: a leg brace isn’t exactly the sexiest accessory man created.
I haven’t put a pair of jeans on since my fall although I wear my Levis with fervor. See hint above.
I haven’t used the Starbucks gift card I received for Christmas. For some reason standing in line with crutches and a leg brace spoil the expectation of a good latte.
The balance of my checking account has steadily increased. No more Chevron, Shell, Valero or BP’s credit card transactions. Torn ligaments are good for your credit report.
I haven’t shopped at Target (major source of temptation for American women), CVS (I am a fan of their beauty section), or Panera (I love their morning soufflés). A lot of savings here.
However, my contribution to Blue Shields is skyrocketing and the number of statements or invoices mailed to my home has increased at a steady pace. A huge Thank You to my husband for having picked a solid health care plan allowing me to receive good care. At a reasonable price? Not really. 20% from our pocket is a lot when surgery is involved but it would be enormous if we had no plan at all. I know, I know. I am one of the very few Americans who believe that health care must be part of a family budget. A mortgage or a car loan are, right?
I have read almost ALL of John Grisham’s books. Until now I favored Joyce Carol Oates and Anita Shreve, Now, I award Grisham the top place for taking my mind away when I’m in pain and depressed. His characters go through so much worst.
I haven’t cooked for weeks now. I know I can. But my husband and my son have shown real talent and their Breaded Fish Fillets and French Toasts are to die for. They even started to watch the Food Channel. Just in case I have another accident?
The war between the squirrels/rats/ gophers and my potted plants is still raging under my porch and I don’t see any peace treaty in the near future but I have stopped worrying about losing the battle. Spring and potting time are still a few weeks away.
I haven’t been to the gym for more than two months but I don’t care. I’m positive the exercises I do from home and the physical therapy I follow twice a week are plenty enough. Bathing suit time is anyway four months away.
I stole my husband’s coveted first place when it comes to reading the daily news. He can now quiz me on any subject and there is a good chance I’ve read an article about it before he has.

So, considering all the strange things that have happened to me recently, succumbing to Facebook isn’t that bad.
Anyway, j’ai craqué only for a Facebook page. Just to give me the illusion of being part of the normal world while I’ve been otherwise acting so abnormally.

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