The Big Apple Family

I have already confessed being a dinosaur when it comes to technology. It’s not that I dislike technology. Not at all. But if I never consider myself being stingy, I admit reluctance when it comes to purchasing an updated high tech. My behavior has often surprised sales persons who consider a two-year-old cell phone antique even if it works perfectly.
Since my husband is a techie husband, computers have been part of our home way before most people had a computer. Actually in the very early 90s we had more computers than members in the family. A good thing when you live with a techie person is that you get lots of hand-me-downs. Who knows why I became the hand-me- downs favorite?
When our children were little, it was easy to pass for a pro, even with a second hand computer. Soon, alas, they all surpassed me, developing skills only kids born with high tech tools organically absorb.
In no time, I was left behind with my “old” computer, my “old” cell phone, my absent iPod and of course my blank Facebook page. Meanwhile, one by one the five people I know the best acquired a Mac.
I told them that I didn’t need one. My “old” computer gave me plenty of satisfaction. Why would I buy a new one? Besides, I knew what a Mac was. After all, I lived the arrival of the Macintosh on the market in the 80s. Not that I had one myself but I knew enough people who bought one to remember the bulky but friendly computers (that’s what the enthusiasts said, that it was friendly). I was still embracing the movement. Even the cat my husband and I got at the animal market in Paris was named Catmintosh after the beloved computer.
So despite my husband’s insistence that I got a Mac, I remained the last one in our family to give a second chance to computers that would have ended in junkyards without me. But everything has an end and the Dell I was still using until yesterday gave signs of poor health. It shut down without any warning and I became obsessed with the Save button. It was indeed time to think of a new computer if I didn’t want to spend more time charging its weak battery than writing.
So yesterday, I joined the big Apple family for the first time of my life. I am now the proud owner of a Mac Book Air. It looks nothing like the bulky Mac of the 80s. The packaging is sleek and minimalist when I remember last century massive colorful box. It is in fact so slim that it fits in my favorite bag.
Next to my box of pencils, pens and my collection of notebooks.

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