Top Historical Fiction for Young Readers

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day but I didn’t go dancing. I still nurse my injured knee and although I can walk without a crutch, I still wear a leg brace. Not really easy to dress up with this kind of contraption.
Instead, I read the book supplement of the New York Times. It remains my main source of reference before buying a book for adults.
This week, however, this is the children section that caught my eye. Besides The Steps Across the Water from Adam Gopnik (I prefer his work for adults)and The Boy in the Garden from the unique writer/artist Allen Say, there was a review about Forge.
Written by Laurie Halse Anderson, one of my favorite writers for children, Forge is the sequel to Chains, the award winning book that was published last year and a must read for historical fiction fans.
I remember reading on Ms. Anderson’s blog how she walked in thin shoes in deep snow to experience the suffering of the soldiers during the Civil War. The praising article is proof that she has succeeded and wrote a remarkable book.
I have read and loved each and every book written by Laurie Halse Anderson and if Speak remains with me in a very personal way and will forever be on my list of must read books, Ms. Anderson’s talent as a historical fiction writer was evident in 1793 and has grown to be immense.
Looks like it’s now time to visit and add Forge to my must read list.

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