Health Care For All

Oklahoma is planning to oppose the new health care plan as I’m sure other states will.

I have health insurance since the day I entered the USA as an alien with pre existing conditions (I was pregnant). The cost of health care was expensive then and my husband and I paid from our own pocket. It delayed the purchase of a new car and maybe of a house but none of us would have done it another way.

A few days ago, I hurt my knee skiing with my kids’ school. I ended up visiting one of my local ERs.
Although the whole building was in remodeling, everyone from the doorman to the doctor, from the triage nurse to the radiologist was friendly, concerned, efficient and professional. I spent less than two hours from the minute my husband pushed my wheel chair inside the building to the time I left with a prescription for pain killers, a leg brace, a set of crutches and the suggestion to visit my regular practitioner for a follow-up.
I called my doctor’s office the day after and was offered an immediate appointment. For family conveniences I opted for the following morning. Again, I checked in just before noon and left an hour later after an exam that confirmed a rupture of ligament and a prescription for an MRI. My doctor gave me a specific list of recommendations and offered her best wishes for a prompt recovery. I already know it won’t be that quick regardless of which ligament I tore.
I can only imagine the cost of the last few days if my family didn’t have health insurance.

My nineteen-year-old daughter is a pre med student and is currently shadowing a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. His workday starts before 6 am and doesn’t end before 9 pm. Yesterday, he invited my daughter to join him for a quick lunch at the cafeteria hospital but he was called right away to check on a baby who was crashing. No lunch before later in the afternoon.

Our health providers live a busy, stressful and generous life that has a cost. I agree that health care insurance and treatment are expensive and have to be more affordable for the poorest among us. But fighting against the implementation of health care for all is an insult to the people who skip lunch for a two-week-old baby, to the team who looks after a woman who damaged a ligament skiing and to the many more who restlessly care for us.
Supporting health care for all Americans and sharing the cost, is the only way to put some of us back in shape, to maintain the health of the rest and guarantee our children a healthier future.

I miss my good knee today but where would I be if I refused the cost of a health plan? I accept to pay for my health the same way I accept to pay for my groceries, for new clothes and shoes and for the occasional change of a water heater or a car.
At some point we all need to seek the care of a health professional.
Why should we be allowed to only have health insurance when we are sick or hurt? Why should we be treated without a cost? What on earth is free anyway? Health care is costly as is the gas we put in our cars, the fancy drinks we get at Starbucks and the latest high tech toy we purchase at Best Buy. Isn’t our health and the health of our compatriots more worthy than any of that?

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