November 1st

Things to celebrate on November 1st:

A more childish form of Halloween. Yesterday, my two younger children were invited to parties at their friends’ homes. Little ones dressed up in traditional ghost and witch costumes walked along the streets with Mom and Dad.

Nanowrimo. A challenge that will push me to come up with a draft of 50 000 words by the end of the month. I’m both excited and afraid to miss the deadline. Funny since nobody is checking on me.

The Giants won the World Series. I still don’t know baseball rules but I think this victory is a deserved boost for struggling California.

Finished the latest Michel Houellebecq ‘s novel. La Carte et le Territoire is a unique contemporary story set on an unusual background of art. Houellebecq is a favorite for the Goncourt, the prestigious French literary prize awarded this year on November 8th.

Last day of the midterm elections campaign. The outcome must be really important when I think of the last few days’ constant phone calls, the fliers stuffing my mail box and the ugly TV commercials.

November 1st sits between sunny days and cooler nights and marks in California the subtle change from the dry to the rainy season.

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