I’m Not That Old!

The Sony cassette Walkman is dead.
I can’t believe it, even though mine passed away many years ago after long and loyal services.
I still remember the day I purchased my Walkman in Paris. Although it is now considered the first affordable music player offered on the market, I shopped around and asked advice to the boys I knew who were back then already much more interested in electronics than I was.
Sony was the brand they recommended and since I was still a student and had little money, I took good care of my Walkman.
It provided the best company on my long metro commutes. In the early 80s, it was something new and cool to be able to listen privately to music and read at the same time. Also, for a girl traveling alone, it was the perfect tool to avoid annoying people on the subway or on the street.
In the late 80s, my Walkman showed some signs of fatigue and I found a shop on the Rue de la Roquette, near Bastille where I lived, to repair it for a modest cost. The reparation lasted a few months but, one day, I wasn’t able to remove the cassettes anymore. I had to pry open the Walkman and it vomited meters of black ribbon as if it had a bad case of stomach flu. I didn’t throw my Walkman right away, hoping for a miracle cure. Ironically, it is at the same time that CDs started to replace cassettes.
My new boyfriend, who a few years later would become my husband, was the first person I knew who bought a CD player and replaced his records with CDs. When we moved in together, I got rid of my Sony Walkman.
Old things attract me. My father never understood why a young person would like antiques. So I stuck to my records and even cassettes long after CDs had replaced all.
Today, I still don’t own an iPod, although I listen to music all the time. I carry CDs in my car. My husband offered me a record player for my records that became collectables. He also stored most of our CDs on a sophisticated Bose system. And oh! I forgot, now I prefer walking without music plugged in my ears.
My kids roll their eyes at my obsolete life style. Why would I tell them that once, I owned the best portable music player on the market?
I’m not that old!


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