Summer Freedom

Two stories under consideration with a magazine editor. No news yet from two editors who asked for one of my novels. A story to record late summer for Valley Public Radio. Last revisions to finish before submitting another novel to an agent who agreed to see my work. Will it work out? Does work really pay off?
In between my worries and questions, the regular details of life that accompany the end of the school year fill my already crowded brain: cookies to bake for parties, backpacks to empty, school assignments to recycle, baskets of laundry to run, suitcases and bags to prepare for camps and trips, dropping kids to parties, picking up kids at parties, dog to take to the kennel, a last hike in Yosemite that I promised to a friend. I wonder when I will cross the last item on the endless list.
And then I picked up my son on his last day of school. He threw his backpack in the trunk, found an old Guns and Roses CD in the glove compartment, and cranked the volume to the loudest I allow him. He flung his arms wide open and shouted, “Freedom!”
He shot me a luminous smile and instantly my packed to- do list vanished.
In a word, my son had put things back into perspective. For him, there were no thoughts of the past, no projects to plan. He was living to its full extent the concept of “now”.
So as summer opens its sunny arms, I will remind myself to embrace the special weeks of freedom that are ahead of me.
My son showed me how special they are these weeks of summer where he isn’t an eighth grader anymore and not a high school freshman yet. Just him. Now.

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