Gary Schmidt is coming to Asilomar!

Gary Schmidt is coming to Asilomar!
Asilomar Golden Gate Conference, an annual conference organized by the SCBWI ( will once more feature a prestigious faculty.
Gary Schmidt played a key factor in my decision to register this year.
I didn’t know him before picking The Wednesday Wars at my local library. Originally I chose the book for my thirteen year old son but I ended up reading it in a couple of days before passing it to him. The Wednesday Wars is full of humor yet holds the right amount of poignancy. Although the story is set in 1967, the feelings and emotions of seventh grader Holling aren’t much different from the ones of a now days seventh grader. A timeless book that received the prestigious Newbery Honor Award, The Wednesday Wars made me smile, laugh out loud and also root for Holling. The best news is that my son felt the same way.
Besides Gary Schmidt, another writer/illustrator is worth the detour. Yuyi Morales comes like me from a foreign country. Like me she writes in English but sprinkles her picture books with Spanish words adding a delightful touch to visually satisfying stories.
To know more about Yuyi and her work, visit her web site
I just can’t wait for tomorrow, the opening of the Asilomar Golden Gate Conference!

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