Robert Fitzpatrick

Went to Town Hall today. Despite its name San Joaquin Valley Town Hall isn’t the place to discuss the matters of the town. It is instead a non-profit organization in its 73rd season. Its mission is to bring thought provoking speakers to the people of Fresno and the neighboring towns to inform, educate and entertain them.
Today the speaker Robert Fitzpatrick spoke about his passion for arts that opened a path to an amazing and unique career that took him all around the world.
However this is one of his many remarks that struck me for being particularly uplifting. He said that because he speaks French, Chinese opened up to him. They saw him as a man who didn’t think that the whole world should only speak his native language. He concluded by saying that people who learn a foreign language are aware of a larger world around them.
Reflecting on my personal journey as a French immigrant who had to learn English almost from scratch when I moved to the US, I can only agree. Would I be who I am now if I only spoke French? I’m sure I wouldn’t. Speaking, reading and writing in more than one language has pushed the barriers of culture and has made me realize and understand how people are different and yet share the universality of being humans.

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