Super Bowl Isn’t mon Truc

Super Bowl isn’t “mon truc” or in English my thing.
So today instead of being a couch potato I went to the movies. I saw From Paris with love. I knew that despite the title it wasn’t a romantic film. Still a movie with such a title released just in time for Valentine Day can be misleading.
Based on a story written by the French movie director Luc Besson, the movie is hard to define. The beginning leads toward drama/thriller with a little bit of romance while the middle swings toward comedy and the end gears back toward drama. Neither the plot nor the acting is fabulous but Paris itself is a topic and the city is so photogenic that even a so-so movie can look sophisticated.
From Paris with love is definitely not Paris je t’aime but as I sat in the movie theater with no more than ten other people (besides my husband and two of our children), I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic for the City of Lights I left for California.
The other strength of the movie is an accurate eye for contemporary Paris. Besides a scene filmed at the Eiffel Tower and in the quartier of the American Embassy, the film takes the audience to the Rue Saint Denis, the heart of the Parisian prostitution and drugs as well as the banlieue est or East suburbs. Realistic scenes inspired by the life in the projects open the eyes on the immigration issues France experiences.
Racism and clichés are present thorough the movie and since the under cover CIA agent played by Travolta is a rogue character, it is obvious that it would be what this kind of man would think of Asians, Pakistanis, Arabs, French and even Americans. It’s hard though to believe that it helps to create a better world or at least a better understanding of each other.
Super Bowl is still not mon truc and a movie filmed in Paris will always win my heart but perhaps more finesse to approach the topic of terrorism would be a better tool than comedy/drama/ thriller.

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